n. amulet or talismanic carving in shape of fish.
   ♦ ichthyic, a. pertaining to fishes.
   ♦ ichthyism, n. fish-poisoning.
   ♦ ichthyofauna, n. fish life of region.
   ♦ ichthyography
  n. treatise on fishes.
   ♦ ichthyoid, a. fish-like.
   ♦ ichthyolatry, n. worship of fishes.
   ♦ ichthyolite, n. fossil fish.
   ♦ ichthyology, n. study of fishes.
   ♦ ichthyomorphic, a. fish-shaped.
   ♦ ichthyophagy, n. eating of fish.
   ♦ ichthyophagist, n.
   ♦ ichthyornis, n. toothed fossil bird of America.
   ♦ ichthyosaur(us), n. large fossil marine reptile.
   ♦ ichthyosis, n. congenital disease characterized by thickened, scaly skin.
   ♦ ichthyotoxism, n. fish-poisoning.

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